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The Death of a Traditional Man. Are You One?

Written by Sean Collins

New World Order is already here but not in a sense apocalyptic preachers and conspiracy theorists think. We are entering into the new chapter of the humankind where those who fall behind will be left to extinct. The traditional, conservative man will cease to exist the same way the Neanderthal man did. He will be replaced by the modern man who attract women.

Which one do you prefer to be?

Unlike our huge and strong ancient Neanderthal ancestor, future generations will only hear stories about the breed of traditional men who built this world and paved the way for the future.

Who could foresee that their will and passion to go where no one has gone before, to challenge the status quo, and to put their raw power and endurance to the test, day after day, will also be their death sentence?

The World as we know it is changing under our radar

To build the first skyscrapers you needed hundreds of strong, durable and confident men. To dig the tunnel through the mountain or to build the dam you needed thousands of those same hardy men.

But things changed.

It takes only a dozen men to drill a hole under the millions of tons of hard rock. And it will most likely take less than 20 to build a 900-foot skyscraper in near future.

We are on the threshold of advanced robotics and 3D building. What used to be built by hundred strong men, now requires a single average technician to operate the machine. And that doesn’t necessarily have to be a man.

The time of labor-driven production is over. Time of service-based economy has already started. The problem is: the New World Order has less and less demand for muscles. Instead, we have ever-growing demand for sheer brainpower!

Today, the traditional, conservative men exist only as truck drivers and those few who are still building things the traditional way. But that won’t last for long.

With the onset of self-driven vehicles and robotic-based structural building, men will have to find new ways to support their families.

These days, a woman is simply more likely to marry a man with the advanced degree than a man with muscles and immense power without a higher education.

To make things even worse for the breed of muscle-focused men, even the toughest job on this planet can be done by the woman. The technology is allowing anyone to lift, dig, break, cut through and weld without any use of muscle force.

Where that leaves the traditional patriarch?

In highly disadvantaged position. He is the breed on the verge of extinction because women became self-aware. They know that her offspring are facing far better chances to grow and live safely if the father is a thinker and not the muscle-oriented man.

If he is someone with the brain potentials and open-minded and not someone who’s relying on a brute force and traditional, narrow-minded philosophy of life where a woman belongs in the kitchen, only then will she consider him as the potential partner.

With every passing day, women will become ever more independent and the best proof for that comes from the fact that the average age threshold for Western men and women to get married has climbed by 7 years since the 60s. The number of single parents rose by 33% in wealthy parts of the world and even 70% in parts with the weak economy.

In her book, “The End of Men,” Hanna Rosin states that out of 30 most wanted occupations in rich countries, 20 fall in a group considered being typical woman’s jobs such as child care, caregiving, and every other service-based job. Those were marginalized duties in a world of patriarchs and now they are taking the predominant role in the new economy.

Things are not looking good for macho patriarchs

Women are slowly taking over, outscoring men in education and moving up the corporate ladders on a much faster rate than they used to. Some European countries are experiencing the brand new trend where, in the last 10 years, there are more women with doctorates than men. And it’s not something that happened overnight.

In the last 50 years, less educated men are finding difficult to land a higher paying job. There’s a 21% decrease in earnings since the 70s of the last century. It’s because the economy is switching to service-based occupations and it’s caused largely by the automation of the production processes.

To make things even worse, over the last 10 years, loss of job, in many cases, leads to permanent unemployment or bare-minimum hourly wage that is simply inadequate to provide for the family. It automatically means that finding the mate is close to impossible because women are seeking providers in the first place.

When observed on the global level, the conclusion — the sequence of consequences — is devastating:

No job means no money -> No money means no family -> No family means an army of single, poor and unemployed men without any perspective

Who’s to blame for this disturbing new trend?

Some US-based conservatives are blaming the current social politics which provides single mothers with high monetary protection, making her potential quest for tradition “feeder” unnecessary.

In some sense, a woman with the child is better off without the man because the state is providing her with the monetary and consulting support. Also, there’s a high chance that her new man will lose his source of income and she’ll end up with yet another mouth to feed.

The above-presented scenario became the new normal of our contemporary Western society.

But in reality, it has nothing to do with social politics or increasing self-awareness of women.

It has to do with slow-adapting men who got used to the old-fashion philosophy of life which simply does not exist anymore.

Those old-fashion philosophies can only be found in less developed parts of the world but as we can see, people are leaving their countries of origins in a desperate attempt to find the better life.

The latest refugee/migrant crisis that struck Europe only confirms that men are forced out of their natural habitats not because of the war but because of the necessity to feed their families. Because, since the dawn of this species, men were fighting wars, defending their grounds with blood, and rebuilding their devastated countries in the aftermath.

But it seems that Middle Eastern and North African men simply don’t see the purpose anymore.

They don’t see the point of fighting the war and then struggling to feed the hungry mouths. So, it’s only logical to conclude that once they settle in Western Europe, Middle Eastern and North African women will start adopting the new paradigm where a woman is equal to a man and thus, fully independent.

It’s the way it should be in the first place.

The old doctrines simply can’t fly in the modern world and every effort made in an attempt to enforce those obsolete demagogies using the religion or some prehistoric patriarchal policies, common in the Middle East, will eventually backfire.

Once again, we have the same problem: the obsolete breed of men who are resisting the trends and inevitable evolution of the society.

Only now, they are on the new and unknown ground and women are known to find their ways much faster. A lion can wait until lioness kills. In their case, it works. But in case of the advanced species that shit simply won’t fly. Either you’ll hunt or you’ll live alone.

But the way we “hunt” has radically changed

And men are having difficulties adapting to this new way of protecting and providing. It’s becoming the global problem because we are witnessing ever more homeless and flat-broke men who, in past, relied solely on their muscles.

The modern human society has an ever-increasing need for brain power and it seems that women — the natural thinkers — are far more adaptable to these new circumstances. Their high-speed and massive progress is only limited by the still-present traditional patriarchal believes based on men’s fear of women’s intellectual potentials.

The world is changing and women are taking the initiative. They want the modern man

While their men are blaming the governments and “greedy” individuals to justify their reluctance to move and adapt, women are working in silence, building startups and becoming the superior providers.

And with the advances in artificial insemination, it’s only the matter of time when the elemental group, the foundation of our modern society and the sole reason behind our progress as the species, will cease to exit. If, of course, we the men don’t do something about it.

The possible onset of feminine radicalization

Slowly but surely, women are figuring out that the brute force used by primitive men is no longer an issue. Again, we the men has provided with the mean for them to defend their rights and if needed, to enforce them.

Think about it this way: there’s nothing withholding the woman to defend herself against the oppressor with lethal force. It happens all over the planet and it’s only picking up on the momentum. Every single Western woman is eligible to arm herself. How long do you think they will tolerate the animal behavior of some men before they start shooting them out?

It may sound as delusional thought but in reality, you can’t oppress a woman anymore.

Radical Islam’s oppressive politics towards women and connected Sharia regulations in some Middle Eastern countries are counting their last days. With the onset of strong feminist groups who are using the modern communication to connect and subsequently strengthen their global efforts, primitive men will have to change their philosophies or face the inevitable extinction.

What could trigger this potential radicalization of feminist groups?

The rebellion. Whenever we were trying to establish the society or community on oppression, rebellion managed to collapse it. Nobody likes to be mistreated or oppressed in any way and women are no exception. Give it some time and you’ll have to deal with the mutiny and chaos.

Women are highly adaptable and smart creatures while men are just lazy. Sure they are nesters but they are becoming aware of one fact: in the New World Order, the one with the brain and the will to use that brain has better chance to survive. In practice, we are seeing women ditching their useless husbands because love has its limits. She sees that it’s pointless to suffer any further because she’s not been able to push her husband from that chair in front of the TV. And while he’s crying over his tragic destiny, she’s forced to plan the future. In one point of her life, she becomes aware that her man never outgrew that crying boy in need of his mother.

This is due to one unchangeable fact of life: providing is an option for a woman but the obligation for man. In other words, fail to live up to expectations and she’ll find someone else or live alone. In the same time, men are acting more like boys, leaving their families and renouncing their responsibilities as husbands and fathers. That leaves women to take care of their offspring and, as we are all well aware, a hungry mouth of a child is an extremely powerful motivator.

It’s a vicious circle that could lead to the complete collapse of the society we know now. The future might look quite different if men don’t snap out of it and push once more.

The profile of the optimized modern man who attracts women

He is a confident, perfectly self-aware, complex-free thinker, completely off his mother’s bosom. He understands the difference between earning money and making money. In his quest for better life, the modern man relies less on his raw physical power and more on his intellectual potentials.

Unlike primitive men, who are abusing ancient philosophies and having a tendency of using brute force to create the men-only communities where women do not even exist outside the bedroom and kitchen, a modern man accepts and welcomes the successful career woman. He respects the potentials the female brain is carrying and learns from that innate adaptability every woman possesses. The modern man considers the modern woman as equal to him and respects her free will.

But above everything else, this man has the utmost confidence that he, in fact, can and will provide and protect his family.

He will never renounce his responsibilities as a husband and the father.


This is the only profile that can guarantee the successful continuation of the elemental group of one man and one woman – the foundation of our entire society and the powerful drive of the success of the entire humankind. Without it, it’s highly questionable what future will bring upon us all.



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