How to Take Control of Any Date and Leave Her Begging For More

Take control of the date
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When you’re on a date, it’s important to ensure she has a good time, stays happy and, at the same time – it’s important you’re both given an opportunity to test compatibility together and get to know one another.

While many men will simply set up a date and hope for the best, here’s how you can take control of any date – and leave her dying for more by the end of the night.

Find Something New and Interesting

The standards for dating are on a decline, with many men suggesting a movie or dinner date for a first date. However, it’s important to bring in your personality when you’re suggesting an idea.

Consider going to an amusement park, sporting event or fair instead of a typical dinner and movie combo. She’ll appreciate the change of scenery and you’ll be able to enjoy a night of fun.

Stay Away From Personal Conversations

It’s important to treat any potential conversation the same way you would treat a friend. Many times people over-think things when on a date, trying to “get to know” someone by asking prying questions.

Consider the types of conversations you might have with a friend and stay within those guidelines. If you’ve never asked your best male friend about his childhood – don’t use the first date to start questioning her.

Consider Power in Numbers

First dates can be intimidating, especially when neither party knows each other well.

Consider opting for a group date or larger party plan to make things more comfortable all around. After all, there’s nothing worse than sitting with someone who is shy or private—and you’re left staring at the wall when she has nothing to talk about.

Trust Your Instincts

If you have a hunch or feeling that something isn’t going well, say so.

While it’s important to give each other ample opportunity to connect, being honest about a situation is the best way to handle it. If you’re afraid of heights and she wants to go roof jumping, let her know up front, instead of seeming standoffish later.

By focusing on being yourself and being honest, she’ll appreciate your concerns and comments when you say them to her.

Walk with Her – Anywhere and Nowhere

An unscheduled date is a perfect opportunity to get to know someone. Instead of trying to schedule two or three different activities into one shortened period, ask her to walk without outside and see where you end up.

You don’t have to have any particular idea in mind when you head out, but many times you’d be surprised at where you find yourself.

This can also work nicely if you’re new to the area, or unfamiliar with the city you’re meeting in. Simply ask your date to show you around and learn as much as you can about her in the process. Consider grabbing a bite to eat at a vendor or café, if you work up an appetitive.


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