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Why Men and Women Enjoy Anal Sex

Why women and men enjoy anal sex
Written by Ballz Magazine

Archeologists have found sculptures and paintings of men and women enjoy anal sex, reaching far back in the BC age. It appears that we’ve made anal sex as some kind of taboo only recently because it was more or less common practice at ancient Japanese, Romans and other cultures.

And we are talking about all possible combinations: male-female, male-male; female-female; female-male. Penile penetration, pegging, anilingus, insertion of other objects, and although extremely rarely, fisting.


So what drives a man, for instance, to have anal sex with his woman?

First of all, it’s an increased sense of pleasure due to the fact that anal sex is considered taboo or forbidden or unpleasant and rare to occur.

Second of all, it’s about dominance. Dogging her in the vagina is a clear representation of dominance and the way we are wired (both men and women). In other words, the main reason why she enjoys the hard doggy style penetration is that she’s expecting that, and you’re expected to deliver it.

But what about the anus? Why anus? Just another hole to drill?

Maybe, but more likely as the ultimate display of superiority and dominance. That’s the ultimate step; something like the unpleasant deepthroating. The “receiver” is in the ultimate submissive position. It cannot go beyond that.

That’s the reason why some men turn gay!

They want to dominate another male to compensate for having to be over submissive throughout their childhood and teenage time. You’d be perhaps surprised to hear that not all homosexual males engage in anal sex. Only 2/3 of them will go through with it. In fact, anal sex at gay men comes third, after oral sex and mutual masturbation. It appears that there are men who are afraid to lose their masculinity if they end up on the receiving part of the anal sexual intercourse with another man.

It all boils down to dominance and the fact that anal sphincter provides with much higher pressure than vaginal one, enhancing the friction and subsequently the pleasure. Other than just being “forbidden fruit.”

There’s a biological reason why a woman would allow anal penetration besides the psychological sense of ultimate submissiveness or willingness to please her man by indulging his desire

Have you ever heard about the pudendal nerve? No? Dude…seriously? It’s one of the most important nerves you and your wife/partner have, responsible for the erectile function of the penis and clitoris and you never heard about it? And then you wonder why you sometimes suck in bed…

Anyway, the pudendal nerve is pretty much the center of the sex in the abdomen. Of course, everything is ruled by the brain, but this two-sided nerve is the one receiving the signal and creating the boner or swollen clit.

Butt… (see what we did there 😉

When you observe the anatomy of this specific nerve, you’ll notice how its cranial parts are connected with anal sphincter and rectum among everything else via inferior anal nerve!

So by stimulating the anal sphincter, you are in fact stimulating the clitoris because anal sphincter is much more sensitive than vaginal one or vagina itself since it’s made out of much more sensitive tissue (not originally designed for the 2-way traffic.)

Add the proximity of the Skene’s glands and the tissue known as female prostate and you’ll see why women find anal sex as an almost sure way to reach the orgasm through penetration.

Throw in the ultimate feeling of submissiveness and you, in fact, have a perfect recipe for great sex/orgasm.

Everything is here. You feel much stronger pressure on your penile tissue, which makes you wilder. She’s feeling harder penetration and subsequent/indirect stimulation of the pudendal nerve thus, clitoris (nerve stimulation of a single, specific part of the anatomy may be achieved through the stimulation of more than one place), she’s getting it in the ass which makes you appear as the strong alpha male in her mind while you are having someone willing to do it for you and enjoy at the same time.

BAM! The simultaneous explosion of orgasms!

Don’t buy that shit coming from women who are not interesting in anything beyond old classic. They simply don’t have the guts to enjoy the life so they are disguising their reluctance to move beyond the book-type of sex they saw in a school book into the public condemnation and trashing of all those wonderful women who find anal sex to be the real pleasure. After all, the last survey indicates that more than 30% of women had anal sex in the last 90 days! Beat that, you rigid old craws!

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