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How to be an Irresistible man – through a womans eyes

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Intro: We all want to be an irresistible man. Not every guy is born with the charm of being irresistible to women. Some have to work for it, while to others, it comes naturally. If you belong to the first category, this post is for you. Follow the following advice, and you will learn how to make any girl swoon.


Confidence is the key to be an irresistible man:

A man who knows who he is and carries himself accordingly can catch people’s attention with his mere presence.

Be comfortable in your own skin, and women will be comfortable around you.


Why manners matter:

We do not necessarily need men to hold the door open, but it sure is a sweet gesture.

Any display of good manners is bound to set you high up on any woman’s list and make you more of an irresistible man.


Look into her eyes:

They say eyes are the gateway to one’s soul. If you’re shy around women and avoid making too much eye contact in the fear of it weirding her out, please stop.

Maintaining eye contact creates chemistry between two people – whether they are old acquaintances or strangers you happen to be sitting across to in public transport- and be the spark in alighting something anew.

However, do not look into her eyes too intensely. You can alternate between looking into her eyes and her mouth if she’s talking, and look away every once in a while to soften your gaze.


The little things matter for an irresistible man:

Every girl likes to fish for compliments, but the compliments need to be what the girl wants to hear. The right compliments and small sweet words surely can make you an irresistible man

For example, she probably spent hours picking out the right dress and the jewelry that goes with it for a date with you, so mention how the color of the dress really brings out the sparkle in her eyes, or how good her perfume smells.

Things like these show that you’re genuinely interested in her and you notice the little things, and it will take you a long way.


A smile is worth a thousand words:

Not only does it spread joy among all, but also warms you to any member of the opposite sex.

And hey, doesn’t take much to smile, does it? So, smile and let her know that you are interested in her.


Be spontaneous:

When you’re anxious to please, don’t try to prepare yourself beforehand. You’ll nearly always end up failing to create a good impression. It also happens to feel not-so-heartfelt.

On the other hand, spontaneity has a genuine feel to it, and it makes you instantly attractive.


Consider communication barriers:

 It’s crucial to understand that men and women do not consider verbal communication as the same thing. While men use it as a tool to get things done, women use it to exchange thoughts and feelings.

So, hone your communication skills and increase your appeal in the eyes of the fairer sex. Being a good listener will also help you attain your goals.


Body language:

 Crossed legs and arms give off a vibe of you closing yourself off from anyone you’re interacting with, and it can be a turn-off for females. Keep your limbs open, maintain a good posture, and you’re good to go.


Attire and smell:

Women do not expect men to dress up for every single date, but maintaining a certain classy manner in your attire makes you instantly desirable.

To complete the picture of perfection, a dash of mouthwatering perfume is an absolute necessity.


Show your feelings through small gestures:

We, women, tend to be a total sucker for sweet, symbolic gestures. A love-note or a small token to remember.

A good memory by is far more precious than a piece of expensive jewelry. Just remember, it’s the thought that counts.


If you can manage to master all these things, you will turn into a scrumptious tart which yields infinite delight to the opposite sex. May the odds be ever in your favor! Enjoy being an irresistible man……


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