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How to Exploit Internet to Make Money and Build Your FREEDOM

how to make money on the internet
Written by Sean Collins

Can you work in your slippers and underwear? Can you make good money dressed like that – from your living room? Is it really possible as they say it is? What does it take to do it? How soon the money starts to pour in? What are the limits?

These are the 6 prime questions every Internet user is asking.

The possibilities are beyond the scope of imagination. You have a market of billions reachable through a single laptop with an internet connection.

Do you know any other segment of our society with that potential?

Websites, blogs, advertising, affiliate marketing, direct marketing, indie publishing, vlogs, social networks marketing, pen-for-hire, virtual assistance, designing, stocks, CFDs…you name it and money is there.

How much?

Entirely depends on you and nobody else. Remember that.

So what is your best approach?

How to choose among that many options

Quite simple actually. What you need to do before anything else is to analyze yourself and pick your best ability. Even better – recognize and define your passion. In other words, what are you good at that, at the same time, excites you?

You don’t have to be a master in a field just yet.

You only need to pinpoint that one thing.

Are you a good seller? Are you persuasive? Do you have the passion for financial markets? Would you like to produce something and use the internet to sell it? Are you an excellent artist or photographer? Do you have a passion and knowledge for writing a great fiction?

Once you define that something, you need to master it – over the course of time.

You need to learn as much as you can about it.

For example, you were always interested in the stock market or even binaries. It seems you have a gift and the will to learn it.

That’s exactly what you’re gonna do before anything else – you’ll spend months if needed mastering the skills essential for the niche or industry you’re interested in.

On the other hand, you might have some product(s) that could be sold internationally.

You need to know three things:

  1. Competitive products and competitors
  2. Market potentials or interest, and finally
  3. How to market your product on the Internet

Is there a difference between an online business and a classic, offline one?

It is a business like any other. That’s the most important thing to know about making money online.

People are making the tragic mistake thinking that you can just get up one day, quit your regular job, start blogging about blogging about blogging and money will simply pour down into your pockets.

That strategy won’t fly my friend.

You need to make your pick and then learn everything about it.

It will demand time and money like everything else. But if you stay persistent, you will succeed big time from your damn sofa. That’s the fact.

Another mistake people do is failing to make any kind of a long-term strategy or even a short-term monetization plan.

They build a personal blog or some kind of infopreneur type of content and that’s it.

How do you make money out of it? Google AdSense you’re hosting on your website?

That’s pocket money even when you have 1000 visits per day. It’s just here to pay the basic expenses, nothing more. And to make things even more interesting – if you don’t know what you are doing, you’ll unwittingly reduce that money even more. It is a game that has its own set of rules and you have people so good at it that it is their primary field.

It can be extremely fertile if you focus solely on that because, as always, what you focus on expands.

And people who are focused are the ones who understand that online business shares the same set of rules of classic, offline one. So…

How to MONETIZE on the Internet

Only three options are here:

  1. To sell products
  2. To sell information, and
  3. To sell fun

Pick your main category.

You can do all three no question about it, but you do have to start with only one.

It’s similar to the idea of running your own restaurant.

While there is a chance that you can start big and succeed, you’re better off starting with something small just to get the feeling and essential experience – to learn your environment.

Now, let’s go over the 3 categories we listed.

1) To sell a Product

It doesn’t have to be your product per se.

If you are a good seller and a persuasive person capable of getting others to follow your suggestions; then you have what it takes to make at least 5 figures per month from your laptop.

This is a huge and extremely complicated business and you will have to spend months to learn just the half of it. But it will pay off, make no mistakes.

So how do you sell other people’s products?

You become an affiliate marketer.

Now you need two things among which one is essential – access to the market; other being a website.

You gain access to the market, for example, by obtaining the email list of potential prospects relative to the industry or niche you picked.

What that means is this: if you’re about to sell weight loss products, women are your best choice. Same is with cosmetics, home accessories and stuff like that. In other words, you need to buy the list containing emails of women of the age span between 20 to 60.

But it’s a tricky game lately.

Simply blasting emails containing the sales pitch will get you on a spammers’ list and your ISP will shut you down from the business. There are rules of engagement.

So, arguably the best approach is to start a website in the desired niche and blast away some quality content first, providing a money magnet for the visitors in which case they will willingly leave you their personal details.

You know this since you are on the numerous lists already. The point of that “free reading” is to lure you to drop them your email. Once they have your email, they’ll use it. 4 emails with superb info and then comes the 5th with a sales pitch. It’s how the game is played.

Do the same thing.

And by starting the website of this kind you are unwittingly entering the option number two.

2) To sell Information

You are aiming to become infopreneur or someone who is providing visitors with the valuable content in a specific niche or industry. It’s an occupation of the new age.

What you do is simple. You pick the niche (weight loss, self-help, health, aging, fashion) and then trim to a suitable (of interest) sub-niche (low carb diet, anger management, sports injuries, casual outfit for women).

Now you start pumping a QUALITY content.

You don’t go online before you have at least 50 pieces of content in a form of the articles and blog posts.

You then activate PPC marketing using Google AdWords or Facebook to advertise your presence and start collecting loyal visitors. What you have on your sidebar is money magnet or something that is attractive enough for the visitor to share his email with you.

This is what you’re looking for because, during the process, a visitor WILL DOUBLE CONFIRM his willingness to receive occasional emails from you. Everything on your website, every single piece of content has only two goals:

  • To attract ever more visitors because visits are the bloodline of the website type of business, and
  • To make them wanna give you their emails

And that translates into money if you know what you’re doing.

The global average of email marketing is 1.7% of direct sales success.

That means that from 100 highly targeted individuals that open your email, only 1.7 will actually buy what you’re selling.

Remember this figure because it will be an important part of your business plan calculations and projections.

Depending on your skill, you can go up to 12% if you truly have raging fans around you or to put it simply: people who trust you.

Same is with the sales made via the website.

Treat each page as a landing page. Each page sells. Every piece of information has to be designed in a way that you can either push the product or attract better performing graphics ads and earn on clicks. Don’t do a common mistake and force the SEO crap like many do. Sell; don’t try to trick the machine.

But as an affiliate marketer, you want emails.

You want keys of the house. People feel safe when reading the sales pitch in their email inbox. They feel exposed when on the website. That’s the main reason why email marketing and social networks are more effective in terms of sales.

And yes…you can sell fun also.

3) To sell Fun

Sex being the primary field, you can go with funny videos, magic, funny books and cartoons, candid camera…you name it, people will buy it.

The trick for effective sales is the ability of the seller or marketing material to provoke an emotional reaction at the prospect, with fun and feeling of positive excitement being on the top of the list.

You have people that are making $10 million annually by providing funny stuff via YouTube.

If they can do it, so can you. A kid, age 16, plays video games all day long, but he is also commenting it in a funny way. He makes a solid $10K a month (more than his father).

How’s that possible?

Do you buy something when pissed and agitated or are you more into spending when feeling happy and positive? Do you click on the ad when you are seriously focused on something you’re watching or when it is something that will make you laugh?

As you could see by now, each YouTube video contains a commercial at the bottom of it. How many have you clicked when pissed and how many when you were happy?

Why are so many people lured into weight loss niche and rarely make enough to live through the month?

We all want to lose weight but in 99% it’s just the wish without any real intention to actually do what it takes to drop that belly.


We are programmed to eat, not to starve.

Hence, create a cookbook and you’ll make much more than selling hunger suppressant or some sweat-producing weight loss course.

OK, it’s obvious that this option is not for everybody but it is an option filled with money, nonetheless.

If nothing else, you can always sell sex. That shit will always be at the top of the list.

The Most Important Thing of All

Your immediate attention is on the short-term goals, but they have to be synchronized with the long-term ones.

Long-term goals are revolving around the establishment of passive incomes from at least 3 sources just to be safe.

That, however, demands money, among everything else.

For example, let’s say that one of your long-term goals is making money on the stock market where you’ll invest money in stocks to harvest the dividend. Another one is to invest in some promising business by actively researching proposals on the equity crowdfunding platforms.

The latter, by the way, is a great novelty on the market today. You can invest $100 USD and end up a millionaire in 5-10 years if the business grows and thrives. Remember Apple? Those who paid attention saw ROI over 650%. But it takes some hard instincts and knowledge to be able to recognize the hidden gem.

And yes, the third should definitely be real estate investments.

How do you come up with that kind of money if your current budget is already stretched to the maximum? You know that few thousands won’t buy you enough.

You need Plan B.

And Plan B are your short-term goals – to make money for the long-term ones.

How do you do it depends on your skills and the will to learn and develop in a segment totally new to you. But the fact remains: you can make that money from your chair, in your slippers.


It boils down to the power of will and nothing more. Because, those who truly want something, they will find the way. The rest will bitch and moan like little girls simply due to their laziness or fear of success.

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