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EDGING, Sex Game for Intensive Orgasms and Enhanced Libido

Written by Ballz Magazine

Perhaps the name says all but for those that don’t know what the hell are we talking about, edging is the term used to describe, well, driving a woman mad, leading her to the edge of the orgasm just to back up in the last seconds. The interesting thing is: it can last for two whole days!

Inside Edging

You start her slowly, going with your fingertips over her skin but making sure to hover above the skin and only touching those invisible (if lucky) hairs.

Next comes your lips and of course your tongue. As you’re increasing the pressure and start massaging her body, you’re kissing her skin but also touching it with the tip of your wet tongue.

She’s now turned on and ready for you to take her to the next level…only she doesn’t know what you have in mind. She thinks she does because she knows you. But this time, the joke’s on her. Because you are edging her!

Go down and start doing your magic between her legs. Make sure to hold her inner thighs firmly with the particular press-stretch technique using the thumbs. Let that tongue fire up all those nerve endings in her clitoris.

Feel her. “Sense” her movement. Do not use your fingers. Just your tongue in slow, steady moves.

She’ll start moaning and twitching and breathing really loud. And just when she’s on the verge of very intensive orgasm, you’ll get up, spank that ass and say: “How about a beer honey? Want one?”

Leave her and grab those beers. The first part of the entire edging game is over.

She’ll be confused and probably pissed this first time

But you won’t say the word about what you’re doing. Put that wiseass smile on your face and enjoy that beer (and a cigarette.) She’ll be out of her mind, not knowing what to think.

Her mind will be a complete mess at that moment. And while it may seem harsh right now (or in that moment), she’ll learn to respect your deeds soon enough. That’s the real power of edging.

Next time you do it (tomorrow or later that day), give her more time. Let her play with herself. She still doesn’t get it (if she’s not familiar with this technique, of course).

Because there are women just don’t get the game. We’re talking about those compulsive talkers who can get distracted by every small thing. Those females have extreme difficulties controlling their urges and desires so don’t be surprised if she goes ballistic.

Again, give her some time. As you’ll learn (and feel), it does pay off.

And now comes the main event of the edging game

The raw sexual energy has accumulated in her (if you didn’t allow her to masturbate) and she’s only minutes away from the seismic orgasm. Only she’s not even aware of it in this ‘virgin phase.’

Drive her over the cliff

Once she catches her breathe, the tiny lamp inside her brain will turn on and she’ll realize what just happened. After that epiphany, she’ll expect it.

Only you won’t give it to her. At least not that soon. Let her forget about it.

Use different techniques to spice up your sex life.

And after a while…

When she totally forgets about the ‘edging’ you gave her last time, you do it again!

Don’t use the same approach or the same setup. Be innovative.

For instance…

Play with her vagina and clitoris but do it gently. Soft pressure even softer movements. And do it while watching TV. Then grab the beer out of the fridge, change the channel and ask: “Is everything all right, dear?”

Let her toast for a minute. Then, take the favorite toy and tease her a bit. Let it buzz in front of her nose. When she starts begging, go down and start working her. She will start screaming.

But it’s not the end yet.

When you sense her climax, move away and grab her vagina with your hand. She’ll feel her orgasm disappears. Turn off the light, say ‘Goodnight honey’ and go to sleep.

She won’t be sleeping for a while and if she’s smart about it, she won’t masturbate.

In the morning, she’ll be fully awake, ready and practically on a verge to jump on you. Now is the time to finish her off!

Nothing compares to this in terms of the intensity of the orgasm for women.

Men are not advised to do this due to the possible prostate issues. Girls only!

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