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My Best Friend’s Dad Took Me in Their Home

Written by Ballz Magazine

Janice was one of my oldest friends. We knew each other since the earliest age, went to school together, and practically became inseparable.

We had a habit of spending time at her place, fooling around with her momma’s dresses.

So, this one time, we found stockings. A whole drawer of different kinds.

Janice was a bit masculine sort of speak. She didn’t want to try them on. But I didn’t think twice. Got my pants down in a nanosecond and pulled those socks on my long legs like I’m doing it every day.

There was this large mirror in her parent’s bedroom so we were laughing at my appearance.

Then, something woke up inside of me. I was looking at my image and just liked what I saw. It wasn’t the image of some naïve, inexperienced girl anymore. A fully confident and steaming hot woman was looking at me.

– Check this out. – I said to her, slightly spreading my legs and pushing my upper body a bit forward. My nicely rounded butt just popped up. I was looking at the image of a sexy, experienced woman who knows what she wants and not some schoolgirl.

But then, Janice stopped laughing. There was this unpleasant silence all of a sudden. I looked up. Her father was standing in the doorway, pissed as hell. I stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do next or what to say. He was looking at me but I could see something else in those seemingly angry eyes. He was measuring me from tip to toe. It was clear that he liked what he just saw. And I also noticed that the look lasted a bit longer than what you would expect in that situation. However, at that moment, I didn’t realize what hides behind it.

I turned my head around and saw the blanket on the large, kingsize bed. So I grabbed it and wrapped my body in it. I apologized and he sent me home with a serious tone of voice.

Couldn’t suppress my tears. I never felt like that before. Ashamed. Dirty.

* * *

15 minutes later, I arrived home, cursing myself and my stupidity. I closed myself in my room and furiously jumped on my bed. All kinds of things were going through my mind. Will Janice’s dad ever let me see her again? Will he tell my parents? How to explain something like that?

Their faces started haunting me.

But no matter how bad I felt about what just happened, something was waking inside of me. Something strange that can only be described as pure, primitive lust. Lust for the cock of the older, experienced man deep inside my young almost virgin pussy.

Sure, I had sex before, but those few boys I fucked in my room or in their cars didn’t exactly impress me. I was imagining what it would be like to feel his big cock in my mouth, in my pussy…in my ass. I knew he had a big dick because I saw him naked and aroused one night years ago when I was at a sleepover at Janice. They must have thought we were sleeping so he felt free to walk naked from the bathroom to the bedroom where Janice’s mother was obviously waiting for him, in those stockings, ready to take that beast in her mouth and to lick those big, shaved balls. I was 13 back then and that was the first time I saw the naked man in his full glory. That was also the first time my pussy got so wet that I felt the warm juices filling my panties. I went back to bed that night, made sure that Janice is sleeping, and led myself to the most powerful orgasm.

I suddenly snapped from my daydreaming. Felt even dirtier than before. So I went under the shower to wash away that feeling of shame and hopefully, wash away that entire day.

Warm shower over my clitoris made me forget all about it for a moment. My hand went down unconsciously. I’m rubbing my clit, enjoying the touch and again, caught myself thinking about him.

Once more, the feeling of utter shame went through my body and I literally ordered myself to stop thinking about it.

* * *

Twenty minutes later, I was in my bed, angry at the entire world. Images were spinning in front of my eyes. Questions. Dilemmas.

Exhausted from all that thinking I was slowly falling into the sleep.

He was squeezing my ass with his strong hands. I felt his hardness pulsing on my thigh. He was whispering in my ear, “I wanna fuck you.” The zipper on his jeans was already open and my mouth was yearning for some cock sucking…I went down on him and put it in my mouth…

I fucking screamed like never before. So loud that my mother stormed into my room asking me what the hell happened.

And me, all horny and wet, lying in my bed, wanting him more than anything in that moment.

– Did something happen, Julia? – She asked me, obviously worried about my well-being.

– Just a bad dream, mom. Sorry for waking you up. – I couldn’t possibly tell her that I was having a wet dream about Janice’s dad.

– Did something happen while you were at Janice? – The good old mom wasn’t a fool. She knew something had to provoke such a loud reaction.

To calm her down, I told her some bullshit version of the events that took place at Janice’s and how we had a fight. I didn’t say a word about Mr. Davis.

– Calm down, Julia. You two will sort it out. Don’t worry. – She was cuddling my head, trying to relax me. – Now go to sleep. It will all look better in the morning.

Yeah, but what if Mr. Davis tells her what actually happened?

* * *

That was one horrible night. I couldn’t sleep. Was rolling from one side of the bed to another. Couldn’t figure out how to make it right. How to enter Janice’s home ever again and face her father after what happened yesterday?

I heard the phone ringing. My mother was speaking to someone. I couldn’t understand the words. Then I heard steps. She silently knocked on my door. – Honey. It’s Janice’s dad. He wants to speak to you. –

My heart stopped. I could feel the heat rushing in my cheeks. What the hell does he want now?

My voice was shaking when I silently said, “Hello.” He was calling me over to his house. He wants to apologize. He didn’t mean it that way. Janice is crying and he just wants to make it right.

– I’ll be there as soon as possible. – I just said and ran to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Mom was standing in the doorway smiling. – I told you everything will be all right, didn’t I? – She said.

– Yes, mom. Thanks. –

I pulled the first dress I found in my closet. I turned out that I picked some old, short, summer dress without sleeves. In all that hurry, I totally forgot to put the bra.

A couple of minutes later, all sweaty from running and trying to catch my breath, I rang the doorbell.

A few seconds later, Janice’s father was standing in front of me, smiling, inviting me in.

I quickly realized that Janice isn’t home. Nor her mother. It was just me and him. Alone.

– Sit down, young lady, – he said with a serious voice, – because we have something to discuss.

He started explaining why I can’t behave like that and how it affects his daughter and that it can’t happen again.

After his initial speech, he made a significant break like he wanted me to really take his words seriously and then continued explaining how those things the two of us were doing yesterday in his bedroom aren’t decent and that it can provoke an unwanted reaction at men. How men are weak on those things and how I don’t want the people around me to think that I’m some kind of a slut.

I was just listening and praying for the ground to open under my feet. I never felt that embarrassed.

He kept talking and explaining how that was an example of a bad behavior completely unsuitable for such young girls and I suddenly noticed how the bulge in his pants started growing. At that moment, he could talk about the history of the world if he wanted but that wouldn’t stop the sudden feeling of arousal I felt in my panties. They were wet. All those dirty thoughts came rushing in and all I could think about at that moment was that my pussy is hungry for a big, hard dick.

He realized that my eyes were fixating his growing hardness and that I’m not listening to the word he’s saying.

He came close to me. So close that I could feel the warmth of his body.

– What the hell are you thinking about? – He suddenly snapped at me.

– I’m sorry. – I stuttered.

– Get up. –

I got up. My body was trembling. There was that feeling of shame again. I was looking somewhere behind him to avoid his look.

– Look at me. –

All blushed and shaking like I’m naked on a freezing cold, I looked him in the eyes. He took my right hand and placed it on that big bulge.

– You see what happens when a girl behaves like that? –

I quickly removed my hand from his cock like something burnt it. He grabbed it again and put it back. – Now you’ll see how bad that is. – He said with the silent but serious voice.

I was looking directly in his eyes. My pussy was burning from the desire to finally feel that big cock deep inside me. But my mind was screaming to run away from there.

– Please don’t…I can’t… – I started begging.

– You can’t what exactly, you little whore? You want this more than I do. – He suddenly stripped my dress off in one swift, decisive move. I was standing there, in front of him, at his mercy, wearing nothing but my thongs that were already completely wet. My hard nipples only confirmed his suspicions. Yes, I wanted him to fuck me like a whore.

– Somebody might see us. Please, Mr. Davis, we can’t… – I tried again. But more I was begging, the bigger that bulge in his pants was becoming.

– Don’t worry about that. – He just said and took me by my hand to follow him.

– I’m scared, Mr. Davis. – I silently said, shaking from the fear. I was afraid at that moment, yes, but my body was burning from desire. It’s a strange sensation a girl doesn’t experience often. Fear and arousal mixed together at the same time.

He just turned his head around, looked into my eyes and said, – You should be. –

* * *

The moment I stepped into their bedroom, he picked me up and just threw me on the bed.

My pussy was pulsing. I wanted him in me. He stood in front of me with his pants unzipped.

– Look. I got something for you. – He was pointing to his temple.

I slowly pulled his pants and underwear down, revealing the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It was a monster. My mouth immediately filled with saliva. Warm juices coming from deep inside my pussy were soaking the bed sheet under my firm, young ass. A brief moan escaped his lips when he saw me looking directly into his eyes with the subtle slutty smile in the corner of my lips. I wanted to devour that big, thick cock.

I started licking his dick, gently, slowly, like it was the sweetest ice cream. My tongue was circling around that big, pink head. Then I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking it. I could hear him breathing heavily. Breathing and moaning at the same time. A mixture of sounds you can hear only when a man’s cock is in a woman’s mouth.

– Ahhh, Julia. You are doing that like an experienced woman. – I heard him saying while I was busy licking those two big balls. I wanted to suck them in.

My hand was busy jerking his cock while my tongue was busy playing with his balls. His entire body started trembling when I put his cock back into my mouth and swallowed the almost entire length of it. I was sucking his cock like my life depends on it. So tasty. So big. So good.

He gently pushed me away and told me to lie on the bed.

I felt his large, warm hands on my inner thighs. My legs started spreading on their own.

His tongue went over my completely wet and ready pussy skillfully avoiding my clit, bringing me to the edge of the reason.

My clit wanted simply to explode when he slammed it with his tongue for the first time. I left the strangest sound when his tongue started working my clit left and right, up and down. It was the first time a man is eating my pussy and my body was on the brink of the total collapse in those moments.

A wave of heat went through my body and I came for the very first time in my life on the bed of my best friend’s parents while her dad was pounding my clit with his tongue. The orgasm I feel when I rub my pussy while no one is looking was nothing compared to this. And I did that quite often. Sometimes even 5 or 6 times a day ever since I reached the age of 10. Whenever I found myself alone, I put my hand in my panties and rub my clit until I cum. But this. This was something different. I could feel my toes twitching from the pleasure.

He got up on his knees. His temple was pushing against my pussy, ready to destroy it. He pulled me closer, put his dick on the entrance and started teasing me with it. He was pounding my swollen clit with his cock and squeezing my young, hard tits.

– Fuck me! – I suddenly screamed. It was an unconscious reaction that even surprised me.

– Ahhh, you want that, don’t you, my little whore? –

He stormed his dick into my pussy all the way in so hard and so powerful that I lost my breath for a second. Then he just stopped, waiting for me to catch my breath again. It lasted for a few brief seconds before he finally showed me what it means to be fucked by the older, experienced man. He was furiously ramming my pussy, thrusting his dick inside with all his might. It felt like being under the raging bull who just wants to rip your pussy apart.

He was turning me around like I was some puppet. In one moment, I found myself on all four. He was fucking me like a bitch. I was breathing heavily. Moaning like a slut hungry for some cock. That sweet pain I felt deep inside my uterus only made me want more of it.

He was thrusting fast and hard. Every time he would ram my pussy with his dick, a sound of splash could be heard. All those juices flowing from my pussy made both of our loins wet and sticky.

-Aaaaaaarrrrggghhhh… – I could hear him roaring behind me like a wild beast. His hands were firmly holding my butt cheeks as he was nearing the sweet end. His cock was penetrating deep into my pussy. I could swear that I felt it in my uterus.

He suddenly pulled his burning cock out.

I felt the first wave of his cum splashing all over my ass and back. It was so hot that I felt a slight burning sensation on my skin. Another splash. Another. A warm cum was now dripping from my ass and thighs on the sheet. My butt was soaking wet from all that jizz. I was amazed at how much of that he could spray around.

He dropped down beside me and were just lying there, breathing heavily, enjoying the moment.

I don’t know how much time passed when he finally turned to me and said, – This was surreal, Julia. –

It was. And it was only the beginning. From that moment on, Janice’s dad was regularly drilling my young pussy even when she and her mother were inside the house. Nothing could stop us from enjoying that filthy, forbidden sex.

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