Ballz Magazine Manifesto

Take a look around you

Take a look at the men you see.

Are you proud of what you see? Are you proud to be a man? Do you see a lot of brave men conquering their fears and standing by themselves? Do you see men with charisma around you?

Or do you mostly see men who live a life that has been chosen for them? Men who live contentedly with the situation they are in now.

But are they really happy and fulfilled? Or are they just doing what all the other men do?

More importantly, are YOU happy? Are YOU living the life you have dreamt about? A life where you make all the big decisions about what you want? Do you like your job, your relationship, the sex you get, and your financial situation?

Or would you rather have a totally different life?

Just stop and think about how it will feel to have total control over your life…

How do YOU want to spend YOUR life?

Do you want to spend the rest of your life doing things you don’t enjoy, or would you rather feel excited to wake up each day?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, most men don’t live the life they dream of – not by a long shot. They just do what all other men are doing and become less and less manly as time goes on. All because of the fact that us men have been used to doing what we are told since childhood.

Women get stronger and stronger, and men get weaker and weaker trying to do the “right thing.” But they’re trying to do the right thing for others, not for themselves. And that is soooo unattractive and not sexy.
And it becomes more and more difficult for women to find men that they really respect.

 Women want a man who is a GENTLEMAN – but not a GENTLE MAN.

They want to see some balls and a man who has his own opinions and stands up for himself, no matter what.
That way, she knows that he can protect her when things get tough and that he won’t run away at the first glimpse of trouble. She wants a modern version of an alpha male. Not a pale submissive, but a man she can respect.


There has to be a polarity between male and female energy. Otherwise, there is no spark and sexual energy. Just as a battery doesn’t work if there is no difference between plus and minus, a relationship doesn’t work if there is no difference between male and female.

But it’s getting more and more difficult to find men that can give that male energy.

The modern man

The modern man is in a downward spiral. He is moving further and further away from that attractive, masculine man – the independent and confident adventurer we all like so much.

Men who work for themselves or in a job they have chosen by themselves. They live with a woman they have deliberately attracted – not the first and the best they could get. Or they date the women they want – those who inspire them.

We men live in an age of weakness, a time where standing out and standing up are not only rare qualities but ones that get looked down on by the jealous masses.

We all hate to see someone break free from the (imaginary) chains most of us men are in. We hate to see him stand up and be himself – and by that, expose how weak other men are, standing still in life.

We love to read about them and dream – but get angry if it’s a person close to us.

You need an upgrade

Most of us update the operating systems on our computers, smartphones, tablets, cars, everything. We want to be on the forefront and have all the newest features. We also want to avoid being hacked and getting viruses….

But what about the operating system in your own head? Doesn’t that also need a serious upgrade? Most men run on a really old operating system – usually the system they were delivered with, with only minor upgrades along the way.

And over time they have gotten all kinds of malware, viruses and self-defeating behaviours installed that rob them of their self-confidence and male energy. They think they do all the right things, but they don’t. They think their behavior is what women like, but it isn’t. They just get more and more unattractive and, well, castrated.

Are you going to live like that for the rest of life? Are you just going to sit and wait for the day that your kids move away from home, and then start doing some of the stuff you dream of? Or do you wait for your pension? And then will you travel? But what if you don’t live that long, or your health fails?

Do you want to be the person in the elderly home who sits and listens to that guy who always tell stories about all the things he did – the exact things you thought that “one fine day” you would do, but never did? Or do you want to be the guy TELLING these stories?

It’s your choice, and your choice only.

You can’t wait for the right moment to come because it never will. You will always be able to find excuses to wait. Nobody will come and take your hand and help you.

It’s all up to you to become a man who dominates and controls your own life.

You either TAKE control – or you are BEING controlled. Which do you prefer?

Dominating your life doesn’t mean being an asshole or being egoistic. Not at all.

The dominant man – the man with ballz – has a strong presence and charisma that most people like a lot. He has a positive, aggressive approach, and knows exactly what he wants – and how to get it. He has extreme self-confidence and charisma that can be felt the moment he enters a room.
He stands tall, smiles, looks you directly in the eyes and tells you what he must, without one second of hesitation.

The average man is standoffish and tries to be self-confident in a really unattractive manner that makes him come across very egotistical. Everybody can feel his underlying insecurities, and that puts him in a constant state of fear.

So, my dear friend – you will have to ask yourself:

Do you really want to stay that way? It’s your choice….

Do you want to be held back anymore? Do you want to let an increasingly average lifestyle be forced upon you? Or do you want to break free and ACTIVELY create the life you want – in all areas of your life?
Will you stop being a mindless, ball-less individual that simply live and reacts?

No way…..

Stop now and imagine how it feels to be that totally self-confident man.

You have been working all your life, and perhaps you haven’t been able to take care of yourself and your own needs as much as you would have liked.

NOW – is the perfect time to make some changes.

You don’t have to leave your family and sail off into the sunset if that’s not for you.
There are so many small things you can start doing every day to change your life.

And we want to inspire and help you with all those BIG and small changes on your way to becoming a man with BALLZ…..

And that’s what Ballz Magazine will help you do…

Ballz Magazine is not just another men’s magazine with cars and naked women and so-so articles.
It’s a magazine with a mission: a mission to inspire you to make your own footprints in the world. To inspire you to become the man you want to be – a man with self-confidence and charisma. A successful man, on your own terms.

The mission: NOT TO LISTEN

The main purpose of Ballz Magazine is to teach you not to listen to others but to trust yourself – even if it’s really scary.

Ballz Magazine is for the modern man in the 30-60 plus age group who wants more out of his life.

With Ballz Magazine it is our mission to give you a lot of easy-to-use inspiration and tips to become the man you always wanted to be.
Not brainless and lame advice, but intelligent, actionable steps and inspiration that makes you think.

Some of it may provoke you – and that’s fine. We want that….

We will inspire you through our Ballz Magazine articles and blog posts, online discussions and social media. We will give you interviews with men who actually did what they wanted to and broke out of their box to become exactly the man they dreamt of becoming. We will have the hottest women tell you what they REALLY want from you. We will have the BEST experts to help you become the man you want.

We will inspire you to be more YOU, to get self-confidence of steel and really stand by yourself. We will inspire you to find your OWN style – and to be much more attractive. To get this charisma you envy so much in others.

We won’t tell you anything

We will not tell you who to become, where to live, which job to have, what business to start, what to wear, which car to drive, which watch to wear, or how to behave.

  • We will inspire you to NOT follow the crowd.
  • We want to inspire you to stand up, and to stand out.
  • To make your own footprints in the world.

We will inspire you to be the man who decides EXACTLY what you want, and who doesn’t care in the slightest what we tell you or what anybody else tells you.

We’ll inspire you and teach you to get the BALLZ to be that man.

As you read this, you probably already can see him…. The man you are going to become….

Ballz Magazine will inspire you to take more control over many areas of your life:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your career and business
  • Your finances
  • Your health
  • Your charisma and self-confidence
  • Your goals
  • Relationships and sex

And much, much more….