Another 10 First Date Mistakes You Absolutely Must Avoid

First date mistakes
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First dates are hard. Period. Especially for men. There are so many possible first date mistakes you can make that it’s even hard to count them all. However, men are notoriously known for making the following 10. In the aftermath, two people, that were supposed to end up in bed having sex, are walking away from each other just to never ever meet again.

The anticipation of the first date triggers anxiety. You are being overwhelmed with butterflies. And to make matter worse, you are under immense pressure to create a striking first impression on that potentially special lady. A bowl of nervousness with a pinch of stupidity can lead you to make horrendous first date mistakes.

For example…

A Deadly Sin Among The First Date Mistakes is Ours and Everyone’s #1 – Looking at Other Women

This is the mother of cardinal sins of dating.

It is perfectly okay to be a sexually charged up man who is always on the lookout for the next potential date. However, you need to cut that habit when you are actually in the middle of a date with a lady.

Your eyes should be fixed on her at all times. The slightest movement of your eyeballs towards that steaming hot girl in tight mini-skirts can cause your date to become incredibly enraged. Women are always alert about other women who can act as a distraction for their men.

#2 – Being Prematurely Affectionate is one of the big first date mistakes

You’re encouraged to act cute and gentle on your first date, but you’d be foolish to overcook the nice boy gimmick. One of the easiest ways of making your first date extremely awkward, and thereby ruining it, is by using affectionate terms such as “babe”, “love” and “cutie pie”.

These sweet-sounding words will be of great use in a later stage of your relationship. Using them on the first date will most possibly freak out your lady, and force her to think of you as a hopeless romantic. The dating game is kind of like poker, you need to know when to play your cards.

#3 in First Date Mistakes is N0w All Too Common – Paying Attention to the Phone

This error right here works in a very simple way. The more time you spend on the phone, the less time you will spend with her. First dates are all about getting to know each other so that you are no longer a stranger to her. For this, you need to make the most of the time that you spend with her.

Checking out your social media, texting or playing games on your phone is a big turn off for the lady. In fact, most women feel belittled and unwanted when their date pays more attention to a piece of a gadget than them.

#4 – Bringing Up Your Ex will Cool Even You Off

Talking about your ex can have several horrible consequences and is a real no-go among first date mistakes.

DON’T DO IT. EVER. Simple as that.

The moment you mention your ex in front of your date, she is more than likely to be clad in envy. Regardless of how strong your feelings (bitter or sweet) are towards your ex, talking about her serves little purpose in strengthening your bond with the girl you are currently dating.

In addition to that, talking about your ex may give your date the vibes that you are comparing her with the girl you are no longer with. Some feminists find this idea of being compared quite offensive, and if they do, then may God have mercy on your soul.

First Date Mistake #5 – Poor Sense of Humor

A good sense of humor is undeniably a highly desired trait by women. Getting your humor right, however, can be very tricky. It is pretty much a hit or miss scenario. That is to say that if your jokes are lame and stupid; then chances are that your date will have the most boring hour of her life in that restaurant with you.

Then again, if your jokes are a little too edgy and crude, then they may offend her to the point where she thinks of you as an insensitive jerk.

TIP: When cracking jokes on your first date, you need to find the right balance between funny, goofy and witty.

#6 – Acting Rich

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a rich dude. As a matter of fact, girls love men who are a little well off. However, there are certain boundaries that you cannot transgress.

Keep in mind that there is a very fine line between being a proud wealthy man and being a thoughtless show-off.

Most women will definitely not appreciate you being an arrogant filthy rich man, who is more interested in talking about his money rather than his money. If you want to boast about your Mercedes, then don’t. Keep your mouth zipped, save it for a business client. The idea is to win her heart, not buy it.

Being Rude is the notorious #7 among the first date mistakes

Let’s be absolutely clear about one thing. Being insensitive, uncaring and impolite does not make you a badass.

Being on your best behavior is imperative on your first date. It is all about presenting your best side to the girl and giving her something to smile about on her way back home.

Bombarding her with your rude remarks and ignorant comments may cause her to smack you with a good old girly slap.

Number 8 mistake is Being Uncertain

To be brutally honest, it is your job as the man in the relationship to lead the way.

You cannot expect the girl to be proposing for fancy restaurant outings, movie nights and park strolls. It is up to you to be creative and confident enough to pitch good ideas for fun dates.

If you are unsure about your immediate future plans with her; then she’ll get the impression that you are slightly disinterested or too uncharismatic to date her.

When it comes to first dates, you need to have a clear idea of where you are going and what you are doing.

#9 – Being a Smart Mark

You may have been the most intelligent guy in your class, but that does not give you the right to act like “a-know-it-all” smart mark in front of the lady on the first date.

Give her ample time to express her opinions, and don’t bother to point out her mistakes while she’s doing that. It is important for you to present yourself as a smart lad, without being intrusive and annoying.

And finally, last but not the least first date mistake is Asking for Too Freakin’ Much

Men will always be men. Kissing the girl after the date and imaging hot sex under her sheets is something that goes around in every man’s mind. If some guy says that he hasn’t thought about it at least once during a first date; then be sure that he is lying.

It’s okay to fantasize about the first kiss and sex with that special lady. However, you can’t make the girl feel as if you are desperate for the kiss. So don’t try to force the situation. Go with the flow and let the events dictate the pace of your action.

A woman looks back at the first date as the day when her life changed forever. If you are really into her, make sure that you leave no stone unturned in making it uber special for her.



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