7 First Date Rules for Men

First date rules for men
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If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the dating game, know that things have changed. Women expect a few things from a man on a first date and it’s good to know what those are so that you can have a great first date and hopefully more after that. Here are a few first date rules for men:

First Date Rule #1 – PLAN

After you’ve asked a woman on a date and she says yes, don’t just sit around doing nothing until the actual date and try to live by the seat of your pants because she’ll be turned off that you didn’t actually plan anything.

She’s going to want to know how she should dress and where to meet you before the date, so you’ll have to actually put some thought into the date and plan things. Go with a place that allows for comfortable conversation. Dinner is great or even something fun like playing miniature golf.

Try to plan something unique and fun.

Rule #2 – PAY

Even though women are all about asserting their independence these days, you should still pick up the tab no matter how much she insists on paying or splitting it.

If things go well, let her know that she can pay later on, but for now, you’re picking up the tab.

First Date Rule #3 – DRESS RIGHT

Even though you’re going on a casual date, you still should dress to impress.

You’ll want to make sure that your clothes are clean and neat and that you’re well-groomed.

First impressions mean a lot and can make or break your date. She’s getting all dressed up for you, so it’s only respectful that you do the same for her.


No matter how nervous you are, don’t let it show. Instead, let your confidence flood the atmosphere.

The hard part is over since she already said yes to the date, so it’s obvious that she wants to get to know you. There’s no need to be anxious, so just be yourself and everything will be fine.


First Date Rule #5 – CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD

You should prove to her that chivalry isn’t dead and really pull out all the stops for her on your date.

Open her door, pull out her seat, let her order first, etc.

Women want to feel cared for and chivalry is one way to do it. Plus it’s something that other guys probably forgot to do for her on other dates, which only gives you extra points in her book.


Make sure that you’re actively listening to her instead of thinking about tomorrow’s game on TV.

Be attentive throughout the date and let her know that you care about what she has to say and engage her with interesting questions as you get to know each other.

First Date Rule #7 – FOLLOW UP

The three-day no-call rule is so outdated and follow up with her whenever you want.

Let her know that you had a great time with her the very next if you’d like. This way you can plan your next date that much sooner.

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