5 Best Sex Initiatives to Kill Sex Life Routine

Sex life routine
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If you can’t get it on or it goes limp in the middle of sex; then you need to kill sex life routine you fell into. You maybe don’t want to admit it, but it is a viable option. Don’t despair.

However, if you are having second thoughts about the whole idea of hooking with someone new, there are few simple initiatives that will relight the fire and two will start doing it like horny rabbits again.

#1 – The “Mirror Game”

The point of this game is that both of you are able to see the other one’s reflection in a mirror. It may cost some money and a few drops of sweat, but it will make all the difference.

The problem is not with buying and mounting mirrors. It’s persuading your woman into it. You have two options here. Decide which one is more applicable in your case.

Tactic #1

Talk. It’s always the simplest solution for even the most complex problems.

Tactic #2

Surprise. Just mount few on the ceiling or walls when she’s out in town. Make sure to get the angles right. If she nags or acts against it, use the “look, you can see yourself from more than one angle when you’re dressing up.”

#2 – The “Let’s see how we look Game”

One word: camcorder. Fix it, adjust the angle, press REC and hit it. Don’t look at the video right after you had sex. Let it “marinate” for a while. Then, one day, when you see her horny and interested, play it! You’ll end up being dragged back to the bedroom and instructed to press the REC again. Expect some wild acrobatic stunts from pro-porn!

#3 – Play porn on a big screen during sex

But don’t go too loud with the sound. For some reason, all those directors think that there’s something particularly arousing when those girls moan like you’re pounding their butts with the thick stick. Same sound, same pitch, same everything no matter how they’re doing it or how long they are doing it. Ridiculous.

Pick the movies where two men are tag teaming one woman. Being between two men is her secret desire.

TIP: for some guys, a good adult story does the magic…take a look at our pick of the sex story of the week!

#4 – Change the role of dominance

It’s most likely that you’re the dominant one. How about the sudden change? Let her tie you up for a difference. Let her spank your ass. Let her ride you. Let her sit on your face.

Of course, do it for a short while and then switch back. Take your revenge and fuck her brains out.

#5 – Get her a nice, elegant dildo and use it

If your wife does not own one of these, forget about the 4 initiatives from above and go buy her a dildo.

For some strange reason, men are afraid of dildos. It’s like they are afraid that if they buy their women an artificial fast-vibrating dick-like piece of metal or plastic, they’ll become obsolete. Nonsense.

It’s not the dick nor it can substitute the tongue and a good licking.

Remember that.

Get a nice, thin vibrating dildo and use it. Use it while you’re licking her pussy. Use it on her nipples and clitoris. Use it to stimulate her anus while fucking her from behind. Use it to “edge” her from time to time.

And if any doubt that she’ll abuse the dildo while you’re out, be sure that she will. It’s like when you’ve got your very first remote-controlled toy car. You just couldn’t have enough of it.

Now, don’t think — like some inexperienced, narrow-minded morons think — that she can “overuse” it in any way and that there will be nothing left for you.

The truth is: highly orgasmic women are highly orgasmic because they masturbate frequently.

Sex your woman when she’s in the mood and sex her good. She’ll remain in a horny mode for hours. 4, 5, 6, 7 and even more, orgasms are coming like on a conveyor bay. And when you drop down, practically dead, she could go for some more. All because you prepped her well. You spent time leading her into that special mood. The truth is that a simple dildo helps with this. Especially when she’s using it while you’re not around.

Some marriages got saved just because of the good old dildo. Remember that.

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